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0006091bugs2015-11-12 22:10
ReportermikklAssigned Totimbyr 
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Fixed in Version4.X git (version in description) 
Summary0006091: Ardour crashes when pressing "OK" or "Apply" in Audio/Midi Setup dialog
DescriptionArdour (3.5.4086) crashes when pressing "OK" or "Apply" in Audio/Midi Setup dialog. No setting needs to be changed for the error to trigger. Pressing "Cancel" is the only way to exit the dialog without crash. The problem seems to be different for "OK" and "Apply" so i have attached two crash logs.
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2014-12-27 12:52


ardour-amsetup-crash-on-ok.log (37,196 bytes)

2014-12-27 12:53


ardour-amsetup-crash-on-apply.log (37,276 bytes)


2014-12-27 12:56

reporter   ~0016115

Sorry, had another look at the logs and it seems to be the SAME problem for BOTH buttons.


2014-12-27 13:58

administrator   ~0016116

Sadly the backtraces are useless because glib on you system is optimized (no debug symbols).

The crash seems to come from libglibmm on your system. It wants to log a warning and fails to construct it. "unhandled exception (type std::exception)" this message is not from ardour.

Please try to reproduce with a debug-build from
(those include the complete library stack, incl glib)


2014-12-27 15:13

reporter   ~0016117

Sorry for the useless information. I've tested the nightly and the crash doesn't occur there. I attached another log with as much debug information as possible from my glib. Hope that helps.

2014-12-27 15:14


ardour-amsetup-crash.log (48,362 bytes)


2014-12-27 15:32

administrator   ~0016118

mmh. It's all in gtk/glib (thread 1 at the end of the backtrace).

the cause is "Gtk::Dialog_Class::response_callback" from /usr/lib64/ line 542 in ardour-amsetup-crash.log.

Ardour is not directly involved. All the calls are inside various g* libs.

It must be an issue with gtk/gtkmm/glib on your system. Best guess: The versions you use are not API/ABI compatible. e.g. gtk was compiled with one version of glib and gtkmm with another, or some other version [in]compatibility issue exists in the g* stack on your system.

I cannot reproduce this on debian nor with the custom 'from-scratch' stack


2014-12-29 18:21

reporter   ~0016153

So, my g* was recently updated to:


and the error is still there. I also tried some older version.

Well, I don't know if I did it in the same way as in my last note, but now I can also reproduce it with the nightly debug-build. What is also important is that the error does only occur if JACK is started externally, but not when it is started from within Ardour.


2015-11-12 13:42

developer   ~0017604

There have been many fixes in the AudioSetup since this bug report was filed.

Can the reporter please confirm whether or not it is still an issue.



2015-11-12 18:00

reporter   ~0017606

Hey, this seems to be fixed! No crash anymore. Thanks!

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