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0000607ardourbugspublic2007-02-16 20:42
Reportermatalos2 Assigned Totaybin  
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Summary0000607: Adding plugins with different number of signals/ports
DescriptionCurrently, when you try to add a plugin with a weird combination of input /output ports that doesn't suit the track it its applied to, you get
the dialog which says you're throwing away part of the signal.
No problem with that.
The thing is, that after you press the ok button of this dialog, the ARDOUR :PLUGINS dialog gets closed.
I believe the procedure should be as follows:
After you've pressed the "ok" button of the "you are throwing away part of the signal" dialog, no plugin should be applied (as currently), but the ARDOUR :PLUGINS dialog should remain open with the plugin you tried to add, selected. This saves time and is less annoying.
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related to 0000780 feedbacktaybin Homogeneous plugin ui 



2004-07-30 23:56

administrator   ~0001313

This might be a post-1.0 issue.


2004-07-31 14:36

reporter   ~0001318

Is this that hard to implement?
Does it require that much of coding? It didnĀ“t seem like that.


2004-07-31 23:05

administrator   ~0001320

Ah, I thought this was a different issue. It probably should be added.


2004-08-11 22:42

reporter   ~0001400

WHEN will this be fixed?
It's such a small fix I believe.


2007-02-15 09:58

developer   ~0003295

Is there any point in showing the plugins that can't be applied to track?

Would that be a better fix?


2007-02-15 14:53

administrator   ~0003301

I think that a planned future feature is for any track to beable to accomodate any plugin.


2007-02-16 20:37

administrator   ~0003310

I've looked at the code and it would require a rehaul of the plugin selector dialog to fix this. As we seem to be planning to take Om's plugin selector dialog, this should probably wait for that.

I can fix the misspelling of "weird" though.

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