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0006056ardourbugspublic2014-12-04 16:28
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Summary0006056: Strange artifacts and corrupted display on fades/crossfades when playhead passes over.
DescriptionReported from GIT 3.5-3705, but bug has been present in recent GIT for quite some time. When a fade or crossfade is drawn on an audio region the playhead passing over the faded region renders corrupted video of both the fade lines and the fade shading. This will appear if you manually drag the playhead over the fade region and will correct itself if you release the mouse on the playhead. Clicking somewhere off of the active editor canvas window will also allow the fades to display normally. Hovering the mouse over the fade/crossfade areas can also trigger strange UI behaviour but not to the same extent as the playhead.
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2014-12-03 21:13

reporter   ~0016012

NOTE, It seems this issue relates to local GIT builds with distribution dependency packages, Ardour nightly bundles built with Ardour's bundle dependency stack do not exhibit the corrupted UI behaviour.

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