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0006055ardourbugspublic2019-06-12 21:25
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Summary0006055: Changing Meter desyncronizes MIDI regions
DescriptionWhen I change the meter, e.g. 6/4 to 4/4, even for a couple beats and set it back to what it was before, some MIDI regions that come way after these changes loose their sync relatively to each other.
The surprising thing is that it is not the region that moved, but the notes into them! The region position is the same.
Please let me know on IRC (FlorianBd) if you can't reproduce and need me to make more conclusions from this.
Additional Information3.5-3634-g231e000
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2014-12-03 01:01

reporter   ~0016011

In fact, even some regions BEFORE the meter have notes moving.
So this is in fact a pretty major bug. It simply makes the meter track unusable.
NOTE: Controllers data seems to move with the notes.


2014-12-23 00:51

reporter   ~0016070

I am realizing my explanation is not very clear, so here are 2 screenshots.
In first picture. I have a 4/4 piece of music.
Some strings are in orange. I also have a piano track with regions starting at the exact same times.
In the second picture, all I did was adding a 6/4 meter change at 289, you can see it AFTER the regions.
You can see that the last region of strings is still at the same position/duration but its notes got moved earlier in time within the region! Look at the first chord, it was starting right after the end of the previous region. After adding a meter change further in time, these notes start before the end of the previous region!
The weird thing is: no notes from the piano track moved (not visible in screenshot)


2014-12-23 01:17

reporter   ~0016071

Absolute position of the regions does not change.
Unlinking the region from other copies still produces the bug.


2014-12-23 03:06

reporter   ~0016073

WORKAROUND: editing the project file manually to add <Meter> and/or <Tempo> tags works fine. Reopening the project does not produce the issue.
So for now, every time you want to add or remove a tempo/meter change, close, edit, re-open.
Note: this is not just a Meter change issue, Tempo change too.
Reproduced by rgareus.

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