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0006047ardourbugspublic2014-11-26 21:04
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Summary0006047: Rename segment then save causes crash
DescriptionUsing debian latest version,

Every time I rename a segment (double click on name, then edit "Name" in the new window, and confirm) then save, the system crashes with

(ardour-3.5.380~dfsg-3:3438): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property gtkmm__CustomObject_N9Gtkmm2ext23CellRendererPixbufMultiE::active after class was initialised
Segmentation fault
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2014-11-26 21:04

administrator   ~0016007

The "GLib-GObject-WARNING" has nothing to do with it (you can ignore this warning. It's from libgkt and was removed in gtk, update gtk or get an official binary from which includes a newer gtk).

As for the crash, please see

Without further information, best guess is that you try to rename a MIDI track
and end up with a name-conflict. That could also lead to data-loss.
These issue have been fixed in 3.5.403. see

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