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Summary0006035: BCF200 Faders resetting and getting out of sync with mixer
DescriptionI have configured Ardour 3.5.403 to work with my BCF2000 usb mixer. I am using Generic Midi mode with the Behringer BCF2000 Mackie Control preset.

All functions seem to be working except that when I move a physical fader it snaps back to it starting position. The mixer level does change in Ardour so after making a change the physical fader and software fader are out of sync. This limits the usefulness of the BCF2000 as a mixer since the physical fader positions become uncorrelated with mixing levels.
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2015-07-26 09:41

reporter   ~0016957

a workaround (or fix?) is to create a loopback-connection from BCF2000 output to input via jack, i.e., these connections are needed:

BCF2000 capture -> BCF2000 playback
BCF2000 capture -> ardour MIDI control in
ardour MIDI control out -> BCF2000 playback

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