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0006031bugs2016-02-13 23:50
ReportercolinfAssigned Totimbyr 
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Fixed in Version4.7 
Summary0006031: Inactive MIDI track header don't have inactive appearance on session reload.
DescriptionIf a session is saved with a MID track de-activated, on re-loading the session that track's header in the editor appears in the normal MIDI track header colour, not the inactive colour.

Also, the 'Active' item in the track menu is sometimes greyed out in this case, making it impossible to re-activate the track. This only happens occasionally: I haven't worked out under exactly what circumstances yet.
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2016-02-11 17:07

updater   ~0017912

I still see this in 4.6.304.

Incidentally, the distinction between the active and inactive MIDI track header colour is quite subtle, but if you have both active and inactive MIDI tracks in a session, it's easy to see that their headers are all the same colour when the session is loaded.

As for the 'Active' tick box being greyed out, I realise now that it's disabled whenever the transport's rolling: I haven't noticed it disabled in any other cases that I can think of now.


2016-02-11 23:53

reporter   ~0017918

I just submitted a PR on github about that issue.


2016-02-13 03:20

developer   ~0017926

I committed the PR for this issue to ardour master as d405a0059d and it will be included in a nightly build >= 4.6.333

If you can test and confirm I will mark this bug as resolved


2016-02-13 22:58

updater   ~0017928

Yes, looks good: I can confirm that inactive MIDI tracks now have the inactive track header colour on session load. Thanks all!

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