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0006017ardourbugspublic2014-12-30 00:07
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Summary0006017: I found a recreatable midi bug: Ardour 3.5.403 (built from revision 3.5-403-gec2cb31)

I am attaching a small midi file that seems to create a reliable error. When the midi file imports (sometimes it crashes at this point but that isnt the bug I am referring too) it either does one of two things:
1. Creates an odd rhythmic part foreign to anything closely related
2. Loads correctly

PROBLEM HERE in step 3
3. After saving and loading again, it is back to the odd rhythmic problem mentioned in step 1
4. If loaded correctly and then crashing due to drumgizmo or similar, same as step 3

Additional InformationI have recreated this bug using AV_Linux 6.03 and KX_Studio 86_64. Both Ardour versions were built from 3.5-403-gec2cb31.

Attached is 3 screen shots and the midi file.
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2014-10-29 11:09


midi bug help.tar.gz (377,612 bytes)


2014-12-30 00:07

developer   ~0016164

Possible locking issue, try again with most recent version.

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