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0005898bugs2014-09-22 22:23
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PlatformUbuntu OSLinuxOS Version12.04
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Summary0005898: During playback, changing playlists causes individual-track playback delay and temporary UI freeze.
DescriptionWhen playing back, changing playlists causes the individual track to mute and the UI to freeze, then play resumes after a substantial delay (>1s in my case), out of sync with all other tracks. Repeated playlist changes while playing back results in cumulative delay buildup.
This started about two weeks ago on the current (3.5.357) build. I had not seen this behaviour on earlier builds.
Steps To ReproduceLoad project with multiple tracks, at least one of which has multiple playlists.

Position transport to start.


On a track with multiple playlists, change playlist. All other tracks will continue to play; switched track will mute, delay, then resume play at the point of pause, lagging the other tracks.
Additional Informationthe_CLA_2 (in support chat) was able to reproduce this without working hard to do it. Rather blurry video uploaded (due to compression) showing example.

Until I got MIDI up and running, I was able to do this with no noticeable delay; I've been using this to audition possible changes while comping tracks, and now I can't. :(
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2014-05-19 11:31

developer   ~0015796

I can confirm this issue. 3.5.308 doesn't introduce a noticable delay but 3.5.357 and later do. It shouldn't be too hard to track down the commit that introduced this change in behaviour using git-bisect(just a bit time consuming)

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