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0005880ardourotherpublic2020-04-19 20:16
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Summary0005880: Ardour 3 multitrack project export to audio file: glitches or dropouts in resulting file
Description- Opening an Ardour 3 project with three to five audio tracks and fader automation on at least two tracks. Project length between four and nine minutes. Maximum peak less than -6 dB.

- Then exporting the complete project to audio file. The German menu command is called "Projekt > Exportieren > Exportiere Audio-Datei(en)".

- The resulting file has at least one glitch or dropout. The moment in which the glitch or dropout appears differs from one export attempt to another.

- The problem appears with any Ardour 3 version from 3.0 to 3.5.7. No problem with Ardour 2.

- No error messages from Ardour in its Log window.

- Checked with KXStudio 12.04 on a 64bit Pentium4 and with UbuntuStudio 12.04 both on a new i7 notebook and on a 32 Bit Pentium4; with different export file formats 16 and 32 Bit float, 16 Bit with and without dithering, with different desktop environments (KDE, Xfce and LXDE).

- I have not yet noticed any problem even on longer projects as long as they have only one track and have no automation.
Additional InformationI have uploaded a compressed folder with such a complete Ardour 3 project on my Dropbox site - so if you like please feel free to download, unzip it and try to export the project to an audio file to check out if you get the glitches/dropouts, too:

Thank you very much.
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2014-07-14 16:24

manager   ~0015848

I can reproduce this issue with the session the OP attached, on current git (116a0ad327f95f74f355035c4ec41cb6ff49d9d8). The clicks are actually consecutive silent frames, probably an entire buffer. The funny thing is that they are 100% reproducible on subsequent exports. When Ardour is restarted or a session reloaded, they crop up in different places, again consistently reproducible while the session is active.

I've talked to the OP off-list and promised to look into this more, but now I'm off the net for a few weeks. Thought I'd bump this one to bring it to the attention of someone in the know. Definitely a showstopper bug, and likely related to automation, as the OP's session contains recorded fader data, and not much else.


2014-07-14 18:25

manager   ~0015849

One note to potential investigators: unfortunately, this particular radio feature is about a vinyl edition. So the sound bites will contain the unavoidable crackle here and there. Don't be fooled by those. The actual bugs are way louder, and are easily distinguished by zooming in and finding the zero samples.


2015-04-16 18:38

administrator   ~0016608

this should be fixed in A4-rc4 (the cause being fader automation). Please verify.


2015-04-16 19:34

reporter   ~0016609

I will try to verify as soon as possible - the problem is that I'm just a supporter, no subscriber (and right now I'm in my holidays, far from my studio...) So I could not yet use A4 but I'm looking forward very much.

By the way meanwhile I have uploaded a second A3 demo project - this time without vinyl crackles...


2015-05-14 11:02

reporter   ~0016686

Finally I got time to check it out on three A3 projects with about 4 tracks. Actually it seems to me that A 4.0.0 works - listening to the three export files I didn't notice any glitches or dropouts. Very very nice!

As soon as possible I will check it out further on a "complete" A4 project.


2020-04-19 20:16

developer   ~0023307

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