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Summary0005862: A small list of issues affecting generic gui plugins and some requests -
DescriptionThese issues affect both ladspa and lv2 plugins (possibly lxvst too) when using the generic controls -

1. Hovering over on/off buttons disables the green light, if that button is enabled. This can be confusing when enabling a button as it will turn green momentarily, then appear as if it is still not enabled. However, when you move your mouse cursor away from the button, the button once again lights up green.

2. Plugins that use boxes for increasing and decreasing a value by left and right clicking on the box, sometimes jump over values. For example, the Calf vintage delay has values of 1 - 16 for the subdivide parameter. If you use the ladspa version, or generic controls for the lv2 version, these values don't always go up one at a time and sometimes jump 2 or 3 values.

And finally, 2 requests -

1. Is it possible to include a button that would reset all plugin values back to the default values used when the plugin is first loaded up? This would be particularly useful for some plugins with lots of parameters that you have messed about with and would like to get back to the default settings. It would be very useful in parametric eqs as they don't have any other form of reset.

2. Is it possible to allow sliders to be controlled using up and down instead of, or aswell as, across. Similar to how linear knobs on lv2 plugins work. This isn't a big issue and i mostly use a mouse but when on a laptop, and when using the trackpad, i find it easier to use up and down (by rocking my fingers fowards and backwards), when using lv2 plugins. Could up and down be used on sliders of generic controls, even as an option, so that up and down would increase the slider value up and down?
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onbutnothighlighted.png (46,344 bytes)
onbutnothighlighted.png (46,344 bytes)

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onoffhighlighted.png (47,791 bytes)

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