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0005830bugs2020-04-19 20:16
ReporterlinuxdspAssigned Topaul 
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Product Version3.0 beta5 
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Summary0005830: Ardour defaults to adding new media as new tracks, contrary to the displayed setting
DescriptionCreate a new track, right-click on the track to add an existing media / file to the track, dialogue opens to select the file, file gets added as another new track.
This happens even when the dialogue says the file will be added to the existing track. Can be resolved (sometimes) by selecting another option and then re-selecting add to existing tracks.
Additional InformationBehaviour should match that indicated in the dialogue correctly, default behaviour should be to add the file to the existing track when arrived at by this route since that is implicit in how you arrive at the dialogue e.g. you have to right click on an existing track to get to the dialogue therefore its most likely you want to add the media / file to that track and not create a new one.
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2016-08-02 15:47

reporter   ~0018339

Still occurs with 5.0rc1


2016-09-29 13:42

administrator   ~0018727

Is this still an issue?


2016-10-11 03:20

reporter   ~0018783

I notice that in more recent builds there is an option in the add media dialog to add media as new track, add to selected track, add to region list, or add as new tape track. The first time I opened the dialog in a session it defaulted to add as new track, but after I selected add to selected track, the next time I opened the dialog it was already set to add to selected track, so it remembered the last selection. Seems good enough to me.


2016-10-12 21:45

administrator   ~0018793

see notes.


2020-04-19 20:16

developer   ~0023298

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