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Summary0005810: Creating automation point in middle of track automatically creates automation point at start of session
DescriptionWhen creating an automation point in the middle of a track, an automation gets autocreated at the beginning of the session. Now, this is perfectly reasonable. It's just that this point is automatically always set to 0db or similar (the default setting of that type of automation I guess).

This means that you have to go to the beginning of the session each time you want to automate something in the middle of the session, just to set that first point to the value of the point you created. It'd be nice if it automatically put this point in the beginning of the session to the same value as the one created mid session.

An example:

I have a bus which I want to be silent up until half of the song, and then fade in via automation. I pull up the automation of the fader for that bus, and put a point in the middle of the session (which I'll use as the base point for the fade). Now, this automatically creates another point, at the very start of the session, automatically set to 0dB. This means I need to scroll back and pull this point down to -inf in order to achieve what I want. I'd like this point to be automatically put to the same value as the new point I created.

It's not a big problem when automating fade ins from -inf, but if I want to have something at 50% (or some other odd number) volume half of the song, and then fade up, It'd be a bit more cumbersome to make the first point that exact value.
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2014-01-05 19:50

reporter   ~0015547

This should be configurable. In my own use case, 0dB at the beginning is nearly always what I want.


2014-01-05 20:19

reporter   ~0015548

Cool! Yeah, configurable for sure then. Out of curiosity, what kind of use case do you have where you want 0dB?


2014-01-05 21:27

reporter   ~0015549

An example would be a vocal track with pops or sibilance that I want to dip in relative level using the gain envelope. I just want the gain of the problematic sound to be reduced, leaving the rest of the gain envelope at 0dB (or wherever else I set it).


2014-01-06 10:53

reporter   ~0015550

Ahhh! That's probably a way more common use case than mine. Oh well, if it's easy to make configurable, maybe that's a viable solution. Otherwise, my use case is probably in a strong minority, so I'll just get used to scrolling back ;)

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