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0005791ardourbugspublic2013-12-16 13:22
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005791: When adding a bus send to a track, audio momentarily gets sent to the bus, even though the level is supposed to be -inf
DescriptionI've noticed something when assigning buses to tracks while the transport is running. Even though buses are by default initially set to -inf, the audio momentarily gets sent to the bus, which can cause a jump in level or a pop, depending on what processing you have on your bus. Steps -

Import an audio file
Add a bus
Play audio file
Right click in the audio tracks channel strip and, go to "new aux send" > bus 1

You will see that the level from the track is momentarily sent to the bus even though the send is set to -inf.
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2013-12-16 13:22

reporter   ~0015506

I should have noted that this happens regardless of whether the bus is added pre of post fader.

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