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0005781bugs2020-04-19 20:16
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Summary0005781: error in latency compensation
DescriptionPlay, then stop, then click backward in the time line, then play: no latency compensation error.
Play, then click backward in the time line without clicking stop before so that play is still engaged: latency compensation error.
Additional InformationArdour 3.4 without VST support, as found in AV Linux. 6 instances of calf fluidsynth, 3 guitar wave tracks, each with amp emulation and IR, one bass wave track with calf comp, IR and 10 band eq. The compensation error is about 50ms (detail: one of the impulses is 0,054 second long, so, it seems to me that not all the instances of Tom Szilgyi's IR are taken into account. Maybe so, maybe not...).
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related to 0006461 feedback XT-VC latency 



2015-09-11 20:00

developer   ~0017184

To recreate:

Add 2 tracks, each with the same playlist.
Invert one track so you hear silence.
Add a plugin that adds latency, AND correctly reports it ( I use Harrison XT-LC Lookahead compressor )

Start playback; then click on the timeline to locate back
Initiate loop playback.

In either case, the first play-through will be correctly latency-compensated. But after the locate, you will hear doubling.


2015-09-13 12:52

administrator   ~0017187

yes, known issue. still in current 4.2

A track's playback offset is only [re]-calculated at "stop". Loop playback fails for the same reason.

The idea behind re-calculate latency at "play/stop" was that "plugins do not change their latency while playing". Ardour sets up a fixed offset for disk-read/playback buffer. This is not correct when seeking or looping.

A simple plugin to test with phase-invert is:


2015-10-01 21:24

administrator   ~0017408

fixed in Ardour 4.2-478-g4a31b03, please test


2016-02-07 19:43

reporter   ~0017890

Ok for me, it fits. Sorry for being so long to confirm the fix...


2016-03-08 13:53

administrator   ~0018047

see notes.


2020-04-19 20:16

developer   ~0023293

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