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0005778bugs2017-04-05 06:22
ReporterLeatuspenguinAssigned Tox42 
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Summary0005778: Saved track templates that include inserts will not load
DescriptionIf you want to save a template of a track that includes an insert, it will allow you to save the template but on trying to add this template as a new track, it fails to load, and I get this message -

[ERROR]: unable to create port: failed constructor

Steps -

Create track
Add insert
Save as template
Saved template can't be added as a new track
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2017-03-26 15:13

reporter   ~0019557

Update to this report. Just tried this out again. Templates with inserts now load but the connections aren't remembered.


2017-03-31 17:54

administrator   ~0019572

Should be fixed in Ardour 5.8-239-gd61683809; please test


2017-04-05 06:22

reporter   ~0019596

Can confirm fix

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