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0005700ardourbugspublic2013-10-10 17:25
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Summary0005700: unable to load sessions from the initial file chooser.
Descriptionas of shortly after 04d66a9e3ad2585b4bdd9ea3a022582ec2b9d428
(Sat Sep 21 13:56:59 2013), ardour no longer loads snapshots other than the default for a session.
a double click on the session folder in the initial file chooser dialog will load the default session, but opening the folder and selecting any session file (including the default one) will fail.
ardour complains "cannot create session folder '/local/ardour-sessions/<session_dir>/snapshot.ardour/' not a directory" in the log.
note the trailing slash after the session file name in the error message, indicating some problem with file name handling. the error seems to be in the initial session loading dialog, since selecting a snapshot from the snapshots pane in the editor window works.
Steps To Reproducecreate a new session foo.
open it, save a snapshot bar.
close ardour, restart ardour.
double click session directory "foo" --> session loads ok.
single click session directory "foo", select either foo.ardour or bar.ardour --> session fails to load with the error message mentioned above.
Additional Informationconfirmed by edogawa on IRC, apparently unrelated to gtk issues i mentioned earlier, since downgrading ardour to before the commit in question fixes the problem for me.
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2013-09-30 22:07

manager   ~0015357

there is a workaround to keep you going while the issue persists: just open the default session of a session directory by double-clicking on that directory (this always works), then use "FILE->OPEN" to open any other session snapshot or use the snapshots pane in the editor view. both these session loading mechanisms are unaffected by this bug.


2013-10-03 03:10

reporter   ~0015360

ditto here on this bug and temporary fix.


2013-10-08 07:13

manager   ~0015364

fixed by las in commit 22eea8e9e29e91319163f63b6bdefbcbd1062714


2013-10-10 17:25

administrator   ~0015368

almost certainly fixed in current git master branch

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