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0005690ardourbugspublic2013-09-19 16:32
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Summary0005690: Auxes send during record with hardware monitoring
DescriptionThe aux sends of a channel set to record do send data from their inputs during record.

This is annoying, because, e.g., when recording vocals, they might get equipped with too much reverb or even with delay, depending on your routing in the project. Even though, a singer may like to have a bit of reverb on their voice on the headphones, you would do this via your monitor mixer when using hardware monitoring.

It was different in Ardour 2. Auxes were silent during record. Ardour 3 should behave the same way, or have a switch for it in the project settings that is set to off by default.

(After a little friendly discussion in #ardour, it was decided to file this as a bug.)
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2013-09-19 16:12

reporter   ~0015334

I dont see this as being a bug.

Digital mimicks the behaviour of a real hardware mixer. If your using the master bus as your monitor while recording then ofcoarse its going to send auxes to FX while being recorded just like a real mixer would.

Ideally for monitoring you would have seperate aux sends, which you could then build a mix seperatly of the master for the person being recorded.

The simple solution is to just turn the aux send down on the track being recorded or just mute the FX if you dont have the option of a serperate monitor bus.

This to me is a feature request, not a bug report as its expected behaviour of a mixing console.


2013-09-19 16:32

reporter   ~0015336

You have a point: Perhaps it is rather a feature request. If people should decide on this, I would be willing to file it as a feature request on the web site.

I still think this is a feature Ardour should have. It may be true that an inline console would behave this way - having the sends on. But an inline console would also route the input to master (or busses), which is to my understanding the the Ardour mixer would do with software-controlled monitoring.

However, I think there is definitely a use case to have an external mixer for hardware-controlled monitoring PLUS the Ardour mixer for recording/mixing, and thus having the auxes silent as described in the report.

The professional alternative would be using an external inline mixer - what many people don't do, because then you'd do your entire mix on the external console and you'd need a huge amount of audio outputs from your computer, both being less flexible and quite expensive.

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