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0005685ardourbugspublic2013-09-13 13:53
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Summary0005685: Selection Range and Selection Clock Weirdness
Descriptionthe selection clock show ambiguous information.

(to get sample accurate information, the clocks are set to samples/frames for all cases)

end is assumed to be the timely end of the last sample frame of a region or selection. two contiguous regions would share end (region a) and start (region b) positions.

example indication now:
 start: 0
 end: 9
 length: 10

start + length = end (11 != 10)
end - length = start (9-10 != 0

looking at the code in reveals that for end, end_frame is used. that seem the right value, but the indication looks like last_frame.
for length calculation, start + end_frame are used but 1 is added sometimes.
Additional Information
some operations that are _probably_ related:

-create a range selection from a clicked region (context menu on range, ranges/set range selection)
 -the range has the same start/end/length indications in the time_info_box as the region had
 -pressing delete will leave the region untouched, despite the selection covered the whole region

-select a range on a region of any size
 -press delete to remove all inside selection
 -the left-hand remaining region is shortened by 2 samples
 -when expanding a selection in the gap using "move range start to prev region boundary" and "move range end to next region boundary" the range is indicated as 2 samples larger than the range that was used to cut/delete

-on a large region, make some splits
 -using to-next-region-boundary / to-prev-region-boundary gives different information in the sample position clock.
 -when navigating from left to right, at region boundary (previously split), the shown position is 1 less than when navigation from right to left
  -example, left to right shows 499, right to left shows 500. the case of navigation 499/500 or 500/499 does not exist
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2013-09-13 13:53

reporter   ~0015327

instead of
 start + length = end (11 != 10)
it should be
 start + length = end (0 + 9 != 10)

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