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Summary0005667: Midi quantize doesn't always work
DescriptionMidi quantize usually works the first time you use it but then it can stop working randomly. I am not sure what triggers this. I have spent awhile with it and at first I thought it was to do with regions being set to snap/grid mode but this doesn't make a difference as I have the same issue when it is set to no grid.

I have spent awhile trying to find a trigger for this behaviour but cannot find it. If you do create a load of random notes and lasso different sections and quantize them, it will usually stop quantizing the notes after a few attempts. If it doesn't, it almost always manifests itself on restarting a session.

I have tried this out with the Ardour 3.3 bundle and more recent builds on AV Linux and KX Studio and I have the same issue in all cases.
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duplicate of 0005545 closedpaul MIDI Quantize doesn't work 



2013-08-29 21:32

reporter   ~0015290

I've just noticed something interesting. I have been using the q key binding to quantize selected notes. When I come across this issue and notes are no longer quantizing, if I select the midi region and access quantize from the right click menu, this not only works but also re-enables me to select notes and quantize them using the q key binding again.

This only happens for awhile before I have to select the region, right click and quantize the whole region again. It's a workaround for now but not ideal when you are specifically trying to quantize selected notes and not a whole region.

So the issue appears to be when selecting specific notes and using the q key binding as opposed to when quantizing a whole region, which appears to be working ok.

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