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0005666ardourbugspublic2013-08-30 07:14
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005666: issue copy / cut and paste and also moving ranges.

I"ve been using 3.2-269-g003492c for several weeks without an issue. but something happend in my sessions such that I"m no longer able to

1) copy / cut and paste arbitrary regions to other locations in the same track or other tracks project window. I have the edit point set to paste at the red marker "playahead" but when I paste the region is shifted to what appears to be an arbitrary location to the right ignoring where the playahead is sitting. subsequent pastes concatenate the region in series. Also I notice that the audio content is not matching where the screen where the gui shows the region for the copied regions.

2) I'm not sure what happended but I'm no longer able to resize regions with the "smart" mode and "object" mode (hand) buttons selected. This has been working fine up until the past several days.

Please let me know if there is anything I can send to you to help reproduce the issue.

Thanks for your help.
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2013-08-26 19:02

reporter   ~0015285


This also happens on the build from source 3.3-180-g1d972d0.


2013-08-28 12:57

reporter   ~0015289


I removed the ~/.config/ardour3/ folder , restarted, and the issues went away. I'll try to keep this technique in mind if something like this happens again.



2013-08-30 07:14

reporter   ~0015291

im having a similar issue in ardour 3 with midi regions. to the point where i was unable to copy and paste regions at all, and on the 1 track i could paste, it would not paste at the playhead but either way before, or way after, and also trying to move regions would cause my midi notes to reverse, the first half of the region would move the the last have and vice versa.

I'll try remove the config.

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