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0005655ardourbugspublic2013-08-15 15:29
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Summary0005655: Saved LV2 plugin presets are not available until restart of Ardour
DescriptionIf I save a preset for a lv2 plugin that preset will not be available for the same sort of plugins in other mixer strips. It is, however, available for the plugin that just created the preset, but selecting it gives an error message:

new_state_from_model(): error: State file:///home/mikkl/.lv2/vhhj.lv2/vhhj.ttl missing lv2:appliesTo property

If I close Ardour and load a session again then the preset is available like normal (Note: Just loading a session without closing ardour first does not help)
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duplicate of 0005392 closed Newly created plugin presets don't load up until ardour is restarted 



2013-08-13 11:01

reporter   ~0015252

This is related to bug 0005392. I can also confirm I get the same error message.

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