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0005437ardourbugspublic2024-02-20 20:19
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Platformx86_64 (core i5)OSopenSUSE TumbleweedOS VersionLinux 3.7.2
Summary0005437: Copy operations of route processors (drag-and-drop and create from template) are not or incompletely implemented
DescriptionIt seems there is a fundamental problem in A3 when new route processors are instantiated based on existing ones:

It is no longer possible to use templates containing Aux sends because of duplicate port IDs.

It is no longer possible to copy sends from one track to the next.

Plugins copied via drag and drop will end up with duplicate MIDI controllable IDs, breaking MIDI binding and leading to crashes down the road.

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related to 0002753 feedbackpaul track templates: creation of multiple tracks in one go fails due to naming conflict. 
related to 0004303 closedcth103 Duplicate controllable IDs when using route templates 



2024-02-20 20:19

reporter   ~0028531

I believe this is fine on Ardour 8. Can you still reproduce?

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