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0005429features2017-03-26 15:09
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Summary0005429: Having preset colours that you can choose for your tracks
DescriptionVery small feature that I think would make life that little bit easier. When adding a colour to tracks or groups, I have access to any colour I want but most of the times, I want to use the same colours. Would it be possible to add some sort of presents/saved colours section? Gcolor2 has a drop down menu where you can select presets and save new colours to. Something like this would be a flexible solution for selecting colours for tracks and buses. A bonus with the feature in gcolor2 is that you can name your colours which would be handy so you don't have to think about what colours are for what groups. Would make colour coding easier to remember.
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2013-04-02 12:04


Colour chooser.png (99,033 bytes)
Colour chooser.png (99,033 bytes)

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Mock up.png (39,782 bytes)
Mock up.png (39,782 bytes)

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