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0005426ardourbugspublic2013-04-03 15:23
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Summary0005426: Hiding all tracks by right clicking in editor list changes the hidden flag in the list but does not hide.
DescriptionHide all, hides none actually but puts them in a hidden state.

It is then not possible to unhide a single track. Show all puts everything back to "normal"

Hiding individual tracks seems ok.
Additional InformationArdour 3.0-140-gb9d2283

Ubuntu 64 bit generic
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2013-04-01 23:57

administrator   ~0014800

believed fixed in 851a3924955a52a220b9a811229abdb2e8c8315f


2013-04-03 15:23

reporter   ~0014804

This bug is still causing problems.

Tested with 3.0-163-gb27700f and 3.0-167-gec6dd2d
I have master track, 3 audio tracks and a reverb bus

Right click, hide all (hides all)
right click and "show all audio tracks" toggles the hidden flag but does not show the tracks.

I believe there are other right click actions that also will fail but this is a start.

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