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0005409ardourfeaturespublic2013-03-25 07:27
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Summary0005409: Automate zoom level for track and midi track slider.
DescriptionWhen working with midi, the default "zoom" level for the slider is too fine, which means, when inputting notes manually, the slider has to be adjusted first before inputting.

I respectfully suggest the default slider zoom level is adjusted to display as zoomed in closer.

Coupled with this, when working from track to track, it's nearly always the case that the track height needs adjusting before inputting and editing can commence, particularly when using a lot of tracks.

I suggest a new function in the midi preference menu with a check box, named something like "automatic zoom when track is selected"

When a track is selected, it automatically zooms to "largest", and again, coupled with the slider zoom change above, enables the user, imho, to commence input and edit straight away, without needing to fiddle with zoom level adjustments first. (useful for projects with a lot of tracks in particular. The fiddling is tiresome, and detracts from speedy workflow)

With the automatic option checked, when a track is NOT selected, it reverts to a minimal zoom height setting.
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Alex Stone

2013-03-25 07:27

reporter   ~0014772

This is an extension of 0005328 feature request.

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