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0000054ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 16:06
Reporterpanic Assigned Topaul  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000054: keyboard shortcuts
DescriptionMove to another virtual desktop using the window manager keyboard shortcut. Move back to the desktop containing ardour. keyboard shortcuts (space, r, enter, etc) don't work until focus is removed from ardour and given back to it (using mouse or window manager focus shortcuts).
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2003-10-21 01:53

administrator   ~0000033

can we be sure this is an ardour error? i will try it out again, but i have a suspicion that this is WM related. i see this with lots of other programs too (emacs, gnome-terminal, maybe even mozilla). which WM are you using?


2003-10-24 03:06

administrator   ~0000076

Reminder sent to panic

please check the bugnote.


2003-10-24 07:39

developer   ~0000077

I was using metacity, and I switched to Sawfish. The problem did seem to be less obvious. So yeah, it might be WM related.


2003-11-05 04:11

administrator   ~0000144

i tested this with icewm, and could not reproduce the error. i conclude that its WM related and nothing specifically to do with ardour.

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