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0005393ardourbugspublic2013-03-17 03:28
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005393: Deleting markers with transport rolling causes freeze with memory peg
DescriptionThe steps most likely to reproduce (about 50% of the time for me):
create new session/add track/ and record 30 seconds/disarm record.
Select 25 seconds of it and loop it.
While looping place a marker (KP Ent)
Then zoom in.
hover mouse over marker flag and hit DEL.

If playhead indicator stops - that indicates the freeze and
running top in a terminal window while doing this will show Ardour
memory usage going to the moon (if the sound of swapping to your HD
doesn't tell you that first)

repeat the combination of place marker / zoom / delete marker until it freezes.

Sometimes, the marker delete only causes a half second of bad audio, and it doesn't completely freeze. But most of the time it's a full lockup.

Additional InformationNot sure it matters... but I don't have ulimit unlimited. I have it set to half of the system memory (4 of 8 GB). The memory usage is only 4% for ardour before this crash.

sorry if this is a repeat.. I did enter some search terms and could not find a bug the same as this.
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2013-03-17 03:20

reporter   ~0014729

after posting, I discovered that I can cause the same freeze WITHOUT the transport rolling. Just make markers, change zoom (this seems to be a key),
then try to delete the markers.
Then I was able to cause it WITHOUT changing the zoom level....

Simplest steps to cause it so far have been:
with transport stopped, just make a marker, delete it, repeat a few times....


2013-03-17 03:28

reporter   ~0014730

Fresh reboot. Using "dummy" audio driver. record a few seconds. place marker. Deleting it caused it to hang.

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