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0005379ardourbugspublic2013-03-18 15:43
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005379: User midi maps cause unexpected behavior
DescriptionThe existence of one or more MIDI binding maps in $HOME/.config/ardour3/midi_maps causes the following behavior:

- System binding maps no longer appear in the MIDI Bindings dropdown list.
- Any map in $HOME/.config/ardour3/midi_maps appears twice in the dropdown.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install a valid MIDI binding map in $HOME/.config/ardour3/midi_maps
2. Launch Ardour 3
3. Enable the Generic MIDI control surface, double-click to select a binding, and click the dropdown list.

Further diagnosis performed:

1. Removed all user binding maps. Behavior returns to normal.
2. Placed my new map in the system midi map directory. Normal behavior.
3. Moved a system midi map to my local map directory. Odd behavior returns.
4. Copied map to a different system with the same version of Ardour, and performed all of the same test. Identical behavior observed.


- At no time did any map exist in more than one location on the same system.
- In all cases, maps were loaded successfully, and appeared to work as expected.
- No error observed anywhere, at any time.
Additional InformationSystem 1:
OS: lubuntu 12.10 LTS
Kernel: linux 3.2.0-37-generic i686 SMP
Libraries: standard with distribution
Ardour: 3.0, installed in /opt/Ardour-3.0_14207

System 2:
OS: Ubuntu Studio 12.10 LTS
(otherwise, same as System 1)

Attached: A custom map file, used in the described procedure.
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2013-03-18 15:43

administrator   ~0014761

should be fixed in git master branch. will appear in next release.

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