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0005370ardourbugspublic2013-03-12 12:22
ReporterICoppo Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0 beta4 
Summary0005370: A lot of AUi missing
Can see some of my AuI (BFD, Reaktor...) but can't see most of my plugins
Garritan Personal Orchestra, IK Multimedia Bundle 2 (Sampletank, SonicSynth, SampleMoog, SampleTron, Miroslav) are missing. Can't even see them on Plugin manager.
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2013-03-10 14:46

reporter   ~0014692

Ardour 3.0beta6
Mac os X Mountain Lion.


2013-03-10 15:39

administrator   ~0014695

it would good to talk about this on IRC where we can do some realtime debugging of the situation. let me know a good time.


2013-03-11 17:04

reporter   ~0014709

By the AUs you mention, it sounds like if just the new mechanism (AudioComponent dictionary) is taken into consideration, and not the old one (define an entry point for the component). Is this helpful? I can look into the source code if needed


2013-03-11 17:07

administrator   ~0014710

that would very helpful. right now we just call FindNextComponent().

see libs/ardour/


2013-03-11 18:10

reporter   ~0014712

Took a look, but I am missing something. I guess that the not working plugins have been updated to comply with
and they are not handled by the ComponentManager anymore.
Maybe a DAW should scan the component directories and check for the AudioComponent structure in the info.plist
? That's really weird, if you are patient some days I can post something on the CA list and probably implement it too, I will have time at the beginning of the next week. I also own Miroslav so, if the OP confirms me that he has the latest version, I can test it as I am on 10.8 too


2013-03-12 12:22

administrator   ~0014713

I don't think the updates mentioned by Apple are relevant here, but I could be wrong. Ardour continues to find plugins using the ComponentManager. Apple appears to "recommend" remaining back compatible:

"You can continue to include the Component Manager resource file in the project for backwards compatibility with Mac OS X v10.6.x."

"You can leave the Component Manager entry point in the exports file to provide backwards compatibility with Mac OS X v10.6.x."

I suspect there is some other problem going on here.Running the program from the command line with runtime debugging might be good, but unfortunately OS X makes that harder to do. If you want to try, in a Terminal window, type:

  ARDOUR_BUNDLED=1 /path/to/ -D audiounits

replacing "/path/to" with wherever you installed Adour.

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