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0005326ardourfeaturespublic2013-02-05 02:46
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PlatformIntel Core2 DuoOSGentoo amd64 + Pro-Audio overlayOS Versionstable/unstable
Summary0005326: allow setting various compressed export audio formats' parameters
Descriptionit would be very useful for quick mixdowns/exports to allow a few simple options to set the quality/compresion for some of the relevant compressed audio formats.

currently, it would involve setting

* the quality for OGG Vorbis files -1 to 10
* the compression for FLAC files 1 to 8

replaygain would be useful perhaps for stem exports, but prob not really Ardour's job.

i do not know if the other raw formats have options, but i imagine they do.
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2013-02-05 02:46

reporter   ~0014626

on second thought, setting the FLAC compression rate is prob not very much used. really only the Vorbis quality would be used much, IMHO.

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