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0005290ardourbugspublic2013-01-21 23:55
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Summary0005290: Problem with Ampersand character ("&") in session names.
DescriptionGTK complains when session names contain an ampersand character:
(ardour-3.0:10716): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing markup: Error on line 1: Entity did not end with a semicolon; most likely you used an ampersand character without intending to start an entity - escape ampersand as &

There seem to be no other ill effects, but the error message could confuse users when hunting for real bugs in the console log, so perhaps it should be fixed before the product ships.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new session with a name containing an ampersand, such as "Bits & Pieces". Save the session. Close Ardour. Restart Ardour, from a console. Open existing session. Now when you hover the mouse over an entry in the recent sessions list which contains the "&", such as the just-created test session, observe the GTK warning mentioned above.
Additional InformationThe session file is correct XML, and the ampersand is written as "&" as it should be. So it would seem that this string is being extracted as plain text (with XML entities already decoded) and then forwarded to some GTK component which seems to expect XML-compliant text with entities.
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2013-01-21 13:26

administrator   ~0014522

should be fixed in 13944


2013-01-21 23:55

manager   ~0014544

funny - mantis does xml entity decoding, too. when i described the contents of my session file above, what i meant (and indeed typed) was "ampersand-a-m-p-semicolon".

anyways, the problem seems to have gone - thanks for the fix, paul!

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