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0005285ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-22 00:08
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Summary0005285: Aux sends should be saved as part of a session template
DescriptionCurrently, the session template functionality is working quite nicely, it reproduces patches, channels, busses, levels and plugins, but it does not include Aux sends. This is impractical in a studio situation, where it might be desirable to start each new song in a fresh project while re-using all the settings by means of a session template, because monitor settings have to be recreated by hand. This is error-prone and irritating for the artists.
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2013-01-21 13:50

administrator   ~0014529

fixed in 13946


2013-01-22 00:08

manager   ~0014546

thanks, that one is priceless. a quick check suggests the issue has been dealt with for good - aux sends are now properly recreated, and their respective fader settings are correct. the latter in particular is important to me - the artists need constant monitoring settings.
i used to work around the lack of this feature by cramming all songs into one session, but then after a while ardour becomes sluggish as the number of regions goes through the roof. this pretty much settles all scalability issues i'm going to have in the near future. nice :-D

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