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0005259ardourbugspublic2013-01-22 12:22
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Product Version3.0 beta5 
Summary0005259: slow and fast fade ins cause loud "pop" and loss of audio
DescriptionUse a "slow" or "fast" fade-in on a stereo audio clip, and as soon as the playhead crosses it there a loud POP (redline!) and all audio stops playing back and is replaced with static. When the fade is complete, there is another pop and audio starts back up.

This does not occur with linear, constant power or symmetric fades.

There is no JACK xrun or error when this occurs.
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2013-01-22 11:46

manager   ~0014552

I've seen this, too, but all I was able to discern was that linear fades don't have the problem, others do. Also, moving the overlaps slightly seemed to fix the problem sometimes.


2013-01-22 12:22

manager   ~0014554

I'm unable to reproduce this with current SVN (r13968). Looks like it may have been fixed along with the recent batch of crossfade changes. mightysween, are you still seeing this?

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