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0005244ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-03 16:14
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Summary0005244: Add existing media window should be possible to close with esc key.
DescriptionAdd new tracks dialog and a lot of other dialog boxes are possible to close by hitting escape but Ctrl-I (Add Media) is not

running irc-provided build Ardour_x86_64-3.0rc1_13751.tar from #ardour :-)
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2013-01-03 14:58

administrator   ~0014423

Ctrl-w is the canonical "close window/dialog" key in ardour (hard-coded). the use of Escape is purely an accident of GTK internals and has never been intentional. It doesn't work for *windows* as opposed to *dialogs* which are fundamentally different - a dialog is just there to capture a (small) amount of input from the user (e.g. a confirmation) and then vanish; windows can have unbounded lifetimes and can be arbitrarily complex. Escape does not close a window; Ctrl-w should close them.


2013-01-03 15:21

reporter   ~0014424

i would leave the default behaviour for all windows (alt+F4) to close the window


2013-01-03 16:14

administrator   ~0014426

that behaviour is under the control of a window manager, not ardour. it is similar to clicking on the "X" icon in the window frame.

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