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0005243ardourbugspublic2013-01-03 06:47
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Summary0005243: Editing MIDI automation causes segmentation fault
DescriptionShow automation on an existing MIDI track (e.g. Main volume). It needs to be something that has been recorded. A new MIDI section, created with Ardour will not do.

When the automation is empty click inside rather at the end of the automation.

In one of my project it will die almost every second time I do that.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this on a newly created project and my current project is too large to share.
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2013-01-02 20:45


backtrace.201301022034 (30,760 bytes)


2013-01-02 23:28

administrator   ~0014413

precisely which version of 3.0 was this?


2013-01-03 06:47

reporter   ~0014416

SVN 13751

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