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0005221ardourbugspublic2012-12-23 19:36
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Summary0005221: mmc from a midi keyboard not functioning correctly
DescriptionRun play from the qwerty, then stop. press mmc rewind and let it run back to the start.
Press mmc or qwerty play, nothing happens.
Press mmc or qwerty record, nothing happens.
Press alt + right arrow to advance the playhead a few bars.
Then press qwerty or mmc play, and the playhead runs backwards.
My impression is that mmc rewind goes back to the start, and doesn't quit, or become inactive (back to a neutral state) when it gets there. It just sits, and resumes going backwards when the playhead is positioned at greater than zero.
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Alex Stone

2012-12-21 21:36

reporter   ~0014384

the midi keyboard is an AKAI mpk88 if that is significant.


2012-12-23 19:36

administrator   ~0014386

actual problem was fixed in rev.13715 and rev.13720

new related issue:

19:03 < alex-EU> rgareus, run the playhead forward using the ALT + rightarrow keybinding. Press play and stop the playback after a bar or two. Then hit mmc rewind. The playhead seems to stop at the point where ALT + right arrow was released. It requires hitting MMC rewind again to continue backwards.

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