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0005179ardourfeaturespublic2012-11-21 13:35
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Product Version3.0 beta5 
Target Version3.X 
Summary0005179: Suggestion for Functionality: Generate .map file from MIDI settings
DescriptionThis is a suggestion for Functionality:

Allow user to assign MIDI mappings as was possible in 2.8 by CTL-Middle Click.

Add button to Edit --> Preferences --> User Interface: "Create MIDI Map from Current Settings"

Clicking button generates XML midi map and places it in ~/.config/ardour3/midi_maps.
Additional InformationThis would allow the user's mappings to persist.

You could also add a button to Edit --> Preferences --> User Interface: "View/Edit MIDI Maps" which would open a file browser to folder ~/.config/ardour3/midi_maps.

This would allow the user to customize or just learn what a MIDI map looks like.
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