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0005162ardourbugspublic2013-03-22 21:17
Reporterdanvd Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0 beta5 
Summary0005162: Incorrect file name generated in Session::jack_session_event
DescriptionArdour 3 beta 5 generates session file name with incorrect symbols when saving with jack_session_event. So there is no way to restore saved jack session - ardour 3 beta 5 won't load saved session file with incorrect symbols.

Bug in libs/,
void Session::jack_session_event (jack_session_event_t * event):

strftime (timebuf, sizeof(timebuf), "JS_%FT%T", &local_time);
This call to strftime generates date with '-' symbol (%F format) and time with ':' symbol (%T format).

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2012-11-11 09:26


session_state.patch (433 bytes)   
---	2012-11-04 18:12:16.290971779 +0400
+++ /home/andrew/tmp/	2012-11-11 12:32:21.106612951 +0400
@@ -701,7 +701,7 @@
         time (&n);
         localtime_r (&n, &local_time);
-        strftime (timebuf, sizeof(timebuf), "JS_%FT%T", &local_time);
+        strftime (timebuf, sizeof(timebuf), "JS_%Y_%m_%dT%H_%M_%S", &local_time);
         if (event->type == JackSessionSaveTemplate)
session_state.patch (433 bytes)   


2013-03-22 21:17

reporter   ~0014770

Is it fixed upstream? I still have problems opening sessions saved with jack-session management on 3.0 (starting with beta5 or sooner as far as I remember). Resulting filenames have ":" symbol and the only way to open such a session is to manually open session file in ardour's gtk-file-chooser window. It's a bit annoying if to take in mind jack session's automation purposes.

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