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0005161ardourotherpublic2012-11-14 09:26
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Platformi7 3770K 3.5GHz,16GB MemoryOSKubuntuOS Version12.10 64bit
Summary0005161: Report to hold info on clock issues and requirements.
DescriptionThis is a report to centralise all bugs and design suggestions for Ardours clocks.
Additional InformationBugs

1. Secondary Clock Delta option not saved correctly. Status inverts after session load. Fixed
2. When secondary clock delta mode is enabled all text changes to blue. Should only be the clock itself. Fixed
3. When a clock shows a - at the beginning, it is partially obscured by the clock border. Fixed


1. Clocks used for offsets should show a + or - at the beginning. The + or - should be settable from within the clock. Partially implemented.
2. Try and use less vertical space for the main clocks. Other tool bar objects dictate the vertical space usage, so not possible.
3. Change main clock style to match the punch/selection clocks.
4. Use monospace fonts for main clocks to stop characters changing length and position (see punch/selection clocks). Fixed
5. A mismatch in frame rate standard between the external TC and the session should be indicated by a colour change to the ext TC clock part of the Main clock. Done.
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2012-11-10 19:15

administrator   ~0014201

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(1) above affects both clocks. delta mode state is not restored properly

4. if an offset is configured for the session and the clock is negative on can not enter any delta using +/- postfix keys. If the result would be negative it has either no effect or the clk is set to zero.

6, get rid of the separator lines (or properly do rounded edges, clean up look). Done.
7. use baseline alignment for different font-sizes. Done.


2012-11-10 19:17

administrator   ~0014202

Last edited: 2012-11-11 22:39


8. clock entry forms (such as offset in Session-> Properties->Timecode) should allow negative Timecode entry. no dedicated check box for that. Under way.


2012-11-10 19:24

administrator   ~0014203

* monospace font now in use
* separators between areas of the clock(s) removed


2012-11-14 09:26

administrator   ~0014254

all set, aren't we?

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