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0005100features2019-03-20 23:14
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Summary0005100: MIDI regions are always transparent
DescriptionWhen two or more MIDI regions overlap, notes from all overlapping regions play, regardless of the opacity of the upper regions.

I think that:
 (a) the opacity of MIDI regions should be choosable
 (b) they should be opaque by default

This would make them behave just like audio regions, which I think would be much less confusing.
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related to 0005579 new Disable "Opaque" option in MIDI regions context menu 



2012-10-17 22:26

administrator   ~0014081

this is a very deep problem.


2013-01-22 11:58

updater   ~0014553

I know this is unlikely to be implemented before 3.0.

However, I'd request that for the moment, MIDI regions be explicitly marked as transparent (and maybe not allowed to be made opaque).

That way, if some future version of A3 does allow opaque MIDI regions, sessions containing overlapping MIDI regions will continue to sound the same when loaded.


2019-03-20 23:14

updater   ~0020615

This still bugs me, six years later...

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