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0005096ardourbugspublic2012-12-19 22:09
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Target Version3.0 
Summary0005096: Seg Fault on save after deleting plugin with generic midi enabled.
DescriptionAs per summary, saving a session after deleting a plugin (lv2 or ladspa) with generic midi enabled causes ardour3 to crash with segmentation fault. Note that it does not matter whether the plugin being deleted actually has midi controls assigned to it or not, only that generic midi is active in prefs. I can disable generic midi in prefs and then save the session as normal with no crash.

1. Create new default session
2. Create two mono audio tracks, add a plugin to each
3. Enable generic Midi control and bind something (fader, pan, etc)
4. Save session
5. Delete on of the plugins via mixer interface
6. Save session
7. Segmentation Fault


Session folder:

Local config folder:
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related to 0005144 feedback ardour 3 crash related to MIDI i/o 



2012-09-07 19:46

reporter   ~0014001

This was tested here by my self and one other user on Beta5, SVN13074, SVN13143


2012-11-06 18:19

administrator   ~0014185

i believe that this is now fixed. a confirmation (or denial) would be lovely!


2012-12-19 20:46

administrator   ~0014375

jaaxx ?


2012-12-19 22:09

administrator   ~0014378

the actual crash in this case has been fixed, although the underlying reason for it has not been identified and corrected (i.e. a MIDI binding that isn't actually connected to the thing it is supposed to control)

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