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0005007ardourfeaturespublic2017-07-19 14:12
Reportercolinf Assigned Topaul  
Status newResolutionno change required 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0005007: Make scroll wheel without modifiers in session overview pane scroll sideways
DescriptionI've realised as I work more with A3 now that one of the things I'd use often in A2 was scroll-wheel on the bottom scroll bar of the editor window to scroll forwards & back in the session, and I'm missing the ability to do the same in A3.

I know <Alt>+scroll-wheel does the same thing in A3, but that's not so ergonomic for me: I usually use the mouse left-handed, and I have a UK keyboard where there's only one <Alt> key, on the left (the one on the right is <Alt Gr>).

Given that it's possible to scroll the main editor pane up & down directly with the scroll wheel without modifiers, I think that making the unmodified action in the overview pane be sideways scroll is an (admittedly slight) usability improvement, at the (slight) cost of some consistency.

Thoughts, anyone?
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2012-07-12 13:25

administrator   ~0013871

this seems wrong to me given that most (many?) mice with scroll wheels these days have left/right scrolling too.


2012-07-12 13:42

updater   ~0013872

Yeah, fair enough. Time for me to buy a new mouse, then?


2012-07-14 21:35

administrator   ~0013892

for now, i'm marking this as no change required. i think the lack of consistency is much worse than either having to use alt-scroll or use a mouse with L/R scrolling.


2017-07-19 14:12

updater   ~0019901

Given that since ea052417 scrolling behaviour between the editor and the summary isn't the same any more, I'd argue that making scroll up/down over the summary move along the timeline could be a more useful behaviour than zooming.

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