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0005004ardourfeaturespublic2012-07-12 12:57
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Summary0005004: Need a numeric feedback when editing automation data
DescriptionAttached two movies, one Ardour, one PT.
I must also say that it is not that easy to see the shiny green automation line on the white range selection background.
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2012-07-10 12:51


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2012-07-10 15:45

administrator   ~0013837

somewhat improved with rev 13011


2012-07-12 12:57

reporter   ~0013868

Well, it does work pretty nice, and the delta idea is great!
Two things:

1-I don't really understand the value of the big numbers (not the delta) if they're suppose to show the absolut values then they're not.

2-thats a small but necessary thingie, you must show the value before the user changes it.
What I mean is that the numbers will show when the user click down the mouse and not when dragging it.
That is actually the only way to check on the value before changing it or playing.

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