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0004994ardourbugspublic2019-07-14 18:06
Reportercolinf Assigned Topaul  
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004994: Shuttle speed can't be reset to exactly 100%
DescriptionNow that shuttle speed persists over transport stop, there doesn't seem to be a way to reset it to exactly 100%, even when recording. This leads to recorded regions mysteriously going out of sync when the speed is set to approximately 100% by hand.
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related to 0002981 new Resample Recordings when Pitch Wheel is Adjusted 
related to 0005136 new using audio scrub, playback speed sticks to the % speed at time of mouse button release will not return to zero point (100%) 



2012-07-08 12:45

reporter   ~0013809

Just as a side note: if you change from "wheel" mode to "sprung" mode _while playing_ it goes back to 100%.


2012-07-08 14:42

updater   ~0013813

I think the change that introduced this behaviour was r12819. Obviously reverting that is the wrong thing, but there ought to be a better way of defining when the transport default speed should be reset.


2012-07-09 19:51

administrator   ~0013824

fixed in rev 13000.


2012-07-10 09:42

updater   ~0013828

Shift-click to reset to 1.0 in r13000 is good.

A few gotchas still remain:
 - when the transport is stopped, there's no way to see what speed the transport will begin to roll at when it starts.
 - even when rolling, there's no way to tell if the speed is 99.5% or 100.499% rather than 100% exactly.
 - it's still possible to record with the transport speed != 100%, which leads to recorded regions being mysteriously out of alignment.

For the moment I guess it makes sense to force the speed to 100% when recording, though I know there's a request already in Mantis for vari-speed recording.


2012-07-10 09:45

updater   ~0013829

Ah, and it'd be nice to be able to reset the speed when the transport is stopped, as well as when it's rolling.

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