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0005136ardourbugspublic2012-10-23 12:13
ReporterJk_Wichita Assigned To 
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Product Version3.0 beta5 
Summary0005136: using audio scrub, playback speed sticks to the % speed at time of mouse button release will not return to zero point (100%)
Descriptionwhen using audio scrub tool ,plays back at speed when mouse button was released
very hard to get it back to 100% . please add a menu item to shuttle speed
control to return to 100%. tryed for 30 min to return it to 100% i could not do it
ether 99% or 102% very irritating, also speed graphic sit all the way to the right when playing, goes back to center when stopped after using scrub tool.
(build 13072) I can't build svn on my system do to changed in depends would
love to thou. Using avlinux 5.3 squeeze
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related to 0004994 feedbackpaul Shuttle speed can't be reset to exactly 100% 


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