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0004980bugs2016-02-04 00:56
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Fixed in Version4.7 
Summary0004980: Duplicating range selections more then once doesn't function well
DescriptionWhen duplicating a range selection, the first time works fine, on the second time, instead of duplicating the duplicated region, like other DAWs will do, ardour will duplicate the first one again, which has no use.
I've uploaded two movies, one from ardour and one from PT.
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2012-07-02 15:50 (368,159 bytes)

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2012-07-06 18:17

administrator   ~0013797

the title here is wrong. this isn't related to duplicating regions.


2012-07-08 09:02

reporter   ~0013807

OK, you are right.
There is no way to duplicate object selected regions, right?


2012-07-08 14:16

administrator   ~0013811

sure there is. its on the "d" key by default. shift-d pops up a dialog to allow for multiple duplication i.e. "duplicate the selected regions 8 times".


2016-01-28 04:00

developer   ~0017852

Duplicate range selection has been changed in Ardour master branch as of commit 45e8bda65f or a nightly build >= 4.6.137 to behave like in the Protools example attached to this report.

Confirmation from the reporter that the change is as requested is appreciated but as the bug is several years old if there is no response after a week or so I will mark as resolved.

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