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0004941features2012-06-24 11:37
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Summary0004941: Edit export format profile, Label handling
DescriptionIt's tempting to put exactly that kind of info into the Label field of the "Edit export format profile" dialog, that will be added to the name afterwards, anyway. E.g after configuring the format, enter "WAV 48kHz 16bit" as label, to see only after closing the dialog, that it becomes "Wav 48kHz 16 bit: trim, WAV, 16 bit, 48 kHz".

To counter-act and to better match the workflow,
- the label line should be at the bottom of the dialog
- it should be "Label: [field] :generated-text" to give a preview and to encourage leaving the label field empty, if there's nothing useful to add.
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2012-06-24 11:37

developer   ~0013682

Fixed in r12911

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