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0004928ardourbugspublic2012-06-14 00:22
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Product Version3.0 beta4 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004928: Bug(s) when time stretching regions
DescriptionVery diffuse and random bug/bugs with regions and time stretching, but appears eventually in all sessions. Sometimes similar to my previous report:

1. Open up a new session. Import a sample, crop it somewhere and stretch it. Stretch it again, and stretch another part of the same sample. Fiddle around a bit, and suddenly the error log reports:

[ERROR]: tempoize: error reading data from 8 - Beck - Where It's At_intro.9 at 1080205 (wanted 256, got 0)
[ERROR]: An error occurred while executing time stretch operation

Console says:

RBEffect: source region: position = 882000, start = 113925, length = 62475, ancestral_start = 274155, ancestral_length = 58800, stretch 3, shift 1

2. Newly imported samples seem to work ok, but after some cutting and time stretching, when playing the region it suddenly mutes at some random point after the second half of the sample. Whenever this bug starts appearing, it appears every time I play the region.

3. Once again, after doing some random time stretching, suddenly the Time stretch tool does not function. When I stretch a region and release the mouse button, nothing happens. I have to use the tool again several times again to get the Time stretch window open again.
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2012-06-13 22:40

reporter   ~0013519

On 0000001. when this error show up for the first time it usually occurs every time afterwards when trying to stretch it and other regions of the same sample again. But now I just noticed that it has suddenly started working again and the error is gone. I stretch it a few times more, and the error is back again.


2012-06-13 22:43

reporter   ~0013520

On 0000001 again: When the error kicks in, it also appears when Pitch shifting.


2012-06-13 23:46

administrator   ~0013523

#3 is perhaps because the region is not selected when you drag?


2012-06-14 00:22

reporter   ~0013524

Yes, so it seems! I'm working with short regions, and because of that I very often hit the edge area (the same area as for expanding/contracting the region with the Select/Move tool). I also figured that the 'action point' of the Time stretch cursor is *not* the upper left corner as one might think... a bit confusing.

But shouldn't the stretch tool be working on the whole region area, including edges?

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