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0004906ardourotherpublic2012-06-05 15:29
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Summary0004906: Web site front page lacks answers to key questions a interested person would ask
DescriptionArdour is a great program. But when you come to look if it can do what you need (e.g. replace Cubase), it’s lacking. So I made the effort to make a small list of things that should be answered right on the front page:

What about everything-to-everything routing abilities? ? Answered
What editing functionality is there?
  For Audio?
  For MIDI?
    Including elegant automation via CCs? (By automatically listing the controls available in the plug-in, instead of raw CC numbers.)
    Is there a scripting interface for MIDI editing? (Where you can generate grooves or special edits for example.)
    Is there a groove preset functionality? (= Advanced quantization presets)
Can you work with patterns and loops? (Think Ablethon Live and Cubase’s pattern editing mode.)
Is there a good time-stretch functionality? (And does it have beat detection? [See one above.])
Is the EQ/Mixer/Filter of high quality? (Graphical? E.g. with Bezier curves, Q, etc).
Is there a MIDI/Key “learn” functionality for CCs/controls.
Can you save the selected instrument (plug-in) presets with the song file?
Which sound card interfaces does it support? ? Answered
Which plug-in APIs? ? Mostly answered
Which file formats?
  For audio? ? Answered
  For MIDI?
  For Songs?
  For Presets?
  Reading? / Writing?
Is the thing open-source? ? Answered, but not very clearly. (The term “open source” should appear. A musician might not know what GPL means.)

Additional InformationI hope you can do this, as it would help a lot with deciding to install Ardour (and support it) (and what features to sponsor). :)
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2012-06-03 17:44

reporter   ~0013372

Oh, and: Instead of not mentioning missing features, just write “Waiting for sponsorship…”. :)

Because not mentioning at all is worse than saying it’s missing. If I know it’s missing, I can’t be disappointed. If I’m not sure about it, I feel bad, and leave (with everything as it is).

It may very well improve your sponsorships. :)


2012-06-05 04:32

administrator   ~0013383

I would note that almost every DAW's "front page" that I looked at lacks the information that you feel is critical for Ardour, and that in fact by comparison, the front page presented by to an anonymous user (i.e. someone not logged into the site) contains more information on the basic capabilities of the program than the equivalent page for the other DAWs I looked at.

Having said that, I think that your list of questions is a good one, and deserves to have clear and prominent answers in an easily accessible and very visible location on the website.


2012-06-05 15:29

reporter   ~0013389

Thank you for looking into this.

Yes, commercial marketers love to make comparisons impossible. Because otherwise, one could actually make a informed decision. (And notice they are not even remotely as much better as they say.) Oh no! We can’t have that! ;)

Of course, Ardour doesn’t have to fear comparison. Because “That much? For free??” is always a positive impression.
People that come here, are happy they can have a professional DAW at all. Or want to proudly choose open source. (At least that’s my guess. But I think you know your users way better than I do.)

Plus, the whole way of presenting it… Not as a disadvantage, but as a chance to make one’s wishes come true… as a community thing… To me that’s what open source and post-industrial information service business models are all about. :)

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